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We are delighted that you are considering Psychiatry as a career!

In this section you’ll find information for people considering a career in psychiatry.

Psychiatrists are doctors who look after patients with mental health problems. They assess patients and make diagnoses, and they may investigate medical problems, offer advice, and recommend different treatments including medication, counselling or other lifestyle interventions.

CPsychI is the body which runs structured postgraduate training in Ireland. Our training programme is designed to be completed in 7 years.

Dr Aoibhinn Lynch

Dean of Education

What Does it Take?

To train to be a psychiatrist you must first qualify as a general doctor, which means completion of an undergraduate medical school qualification and then an internship in a hospital. Intern training is for a minimum of 12 months, which encompasses a minimum of 3 months in general surgery plus 3 months in general medicine. The remaining time allows opportunity to train in two medical specialities of which psychiatry is one. A general doctor must register on the ‘General Division’ of the Irish Medical Council’s Register of Medical Specialists.

Basic Specialist Training (BST)

Basic Specialist Training (BST) takes approximately four years with eight 6-month placements.

Higher Specialist Training (HST)

Entry to Higher Specialist Training (HST) requires the award of a CCBST.

What is the day-to-day work like for psychiatrists?

The day to day work varies between the many psychiatry specialties.

Specialist areas within Psychiatry

Psychiatry has many specialist areas. Learn more about specialisation.

College Mission

The Mission of the College is to promote excellence in the practice of psychiatry.

  • Education and Training of psychiatrists
  • Provision of continuous lifelong learning for psychiatrists
  • Advocacy for resources to support best practice in the delivery of mental health services
  • Promoting best practice in education, training and research in Psychiatry
  • Public education on issues related to psychiatric illness, psychiatric services and mental health promotion

The College supports the delivery of mental health services inline with the recovery model and supports the delivery of the national policy on mental health services ‘A Vision for Change’.