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Core Purpose of the External Affairs and Policy Pillar:

To improve the understanding of Psychiatry and Mental Health.
To collaborate with key players in the mental health field.
To advocate for improvements in the quality of mental health care throughout all sectors of society.
To communicate effectively with members and the public.

CPsychI Pre-budget Submission 2014
CPsychI Pre-budget Submission 2013
Stigma is Preventing the Development of a Quality Mental Health Service, an opinion piece
by Dr Anne Jeffers
Members can click here to view Mental Health Act 2001, review background and changes
being proposed
Members can click here to view information on Review of Assisted Decision Making (Capacity)
Bill 2013 and access Capacity Bill discussion forum for members
Members can click here to view updated REPORTS on activity of this pillar
Members can click here to view the COMMUNICATIONS POLICY of the College
Report of the College Consultation Process and Development Day