College Press Statements 2020

Press Statements and Media 2020

  1. Monetary Impact of Mental Illness: Signposting Services that Matter to Recovery
  2. College of Psychiatrists urges caution around use of language, diagnostic terms and medication references when canvassing and debating before the fast approaching Election Day
  3. ‘Hot Topics’ proves very successful as College of Psychiatrists celebrates 5 years of an educational series with over 90 hours of professional competence & learning content
  4. Continued Support, Flexibility and Guidance Needed for those with Mental Illness and Neurodevelopmental Conditions during Coronavirus Outbreak
  5. College of Psychiatrists release first of planned series of short videos to provide practical help for families of young people with mental illness during Covid-19
  6. College of Psychiatrists release second in ongoing series of short videos aimed at providing practical advice to families of young people
  7. Statement from the Faculty of Intellectual Disability Psychiatry of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland regarding Children with an Intellectual Disability and their Families/Carers during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  8. Fifth video released by psychiatrists for families of young people with mental illness restricted at home and without usual vital supports during Covid-19
  9. Letter from President to all major political parties regarding Mental Health Services and the next Programme of Government in light of Covid-19 (featuring research by Prof Fiona McNicholas)
  10. College Launches Special Edition of IJPM Dedicated to the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 both in Ireland and Internationally
  11. Consultant Psychiatrist Survey Results Detail the Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health Services (View Report Summary)
  12. College of Psychiatrists voices concern over lack of assurance of a Minister for Children on Cabinet
  13. College Statement on Racism – Updated 29.06.20
  14. On World Mental Health day 2020 the College calls on the government to finally show their commitment financially to mental health service delivery and development in the upcoming 2021 Budget
  15. Welcoming MHC report on mental health services for older people
  16. College Launches Position Paper on Gambling Disorder