Public Information

In this section you can find information on what Psychiatry is, information on many mental health problems (both adult and child & adolescents), treatments for mental health problems, useful support organisations in the mental health arena, multi-disciplinary teams in the mental health services, the Mental Health Act 2001, psychiatric services in Ireland and much more.

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland is a professional and administrative body and as such cannot provide referrals to a psychiatrist or lists of psychiatrists. As the College is not a regulatory body it cannot recommend psychiatrists or services, whether public (HSE) or private nor process complaints about services or psychiatrists.

Complaints about a service are handled by the processes of that service. The Medical Council of Ireland handles complaints about doctors registered with it; therefore, their process is also for complaints on psychiatrists.

An appointment with a psychiatrist can only be obtained by referral from a general practitioner (GP) or family doctor, or in emergency situations through a local HSE mental health unit.