Welcome to ESCAP 2013

From The Beginning Until Now

Welcome to ESCAP 2013

Over the past number of years, the ESCAP Congress has concentrated on renewing and revitalizing it’s format and programmes.

How it Started
This process started with the last two ESCAP congresses in Budapest (2009) and in Helsinki (2011). Both congresses had strong and interesting programmes, placing particular emphasis on New Research. They were inspired by a vast semi permanent Internationally Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). This board will be active again and extended and widened with new young researchers and clinicians. Please click here International Scientific Advisory Board Listing to view the list of current members of the board.

In accordance with our new ESCAP bylaws we have added a new section within the program, Quality of Care.

  • How do we further develop our care, based on both old and new acquisitions of clinical research?
  • How do we bridge the gap between research and care?

A third topic that continues to interest our audience more and more is Policy.

  • How do we organise CAP care in our countries?
  • What possibilities are there to implement what we learn from research, and how do we succeed in continuously increasing the quality of our care?

The 2013 Congress will take place in a wonderful new venue, the Convention Centre, in the heart of Dublin. It is a wonderful city with much to offer its visitors, and is easily accessible from all over Europe, the America’s and Asia.

The ESCAP congress will be open for child and adolescent psychiatrists and for all colleagues who are working in our CAP field, such as psychologists, nurses, teachers, policy makers and many other professionals who are working with children and adolescents.
We look forward to seeing you in Dublin and welcoming all to Ireland.

Dr.Ruud Minderaa,
President of ESCAP