Trainee Committee Members

Trainee Committee Members 2022 – 2023

Dr Gurjot Brar Dr Kevin Lally (Co-Chair)
Dr Norella Broderick Dr Basil Matti
Dr Sara Burke Dr Christopher Mohan
Dr Faye Carrington Dr Sujesha Navanathan
Dr Sarah Casey (Ex-Officio) Dr Aoife O’Callaghan (Ex-Officio)
Dr Rebecca Conlan-Trant (Co-Chair) Dr Ciara O’Connor
Dr Eimear Counihan Dr Eimear O’Neill
Dr Niamh Crowley Dr Gerry Rafferty
Dr Sean Crowley Dr Harriet Ryan
Dr Andrew Gribben Dr Deshwinder Sidhu
Dr Fiona Hoare Dr Caroline Synnott
Dr Rona Hunt Dr Muhammad Umer Iqbal
Dr Lisa Jordan Dr Christopher Wong

Working Groups:

There are a number of Working Groups which aim to complement and advance the work of the Committee. They are detailed below.

Think Tank Working Group Drs O’Neill (Editor), Crowley (Deputy-Editor), Gribben, Matti, Rafferty
Recruitment Working Group Drs O’Connor (Group Lead), Brar, Burke, Conlan-Trant, Crowley, Hoare, Lally, Rafferty, Ryan
NCHD Conference Working Group Drs Broderick, Conlan-Trant, Gribben, Jordan, Lally, Matti, Mohan, Sidhu
Deanery Liaison Working Group See here.