Physical Illness in Mental Illness Special Interest Group

Chair:   Dr Eimear McGuire                                                             Vice-Chair: TBD


This SIG aims to address the inequity in physical health outcomes for patients with mental illness when compared with their age matched peers. It will identify the barriers that are perpetuating this inequity, seek solutions through research and leadership, promote the rights of patients with mental illness, and facilitate improved access to and provision of physical health care to patients with mental illness.

The SIG will work to complement the College objectives.

  1. The SIG will meet every three months to present and discuss ideas for addressing the physical health needs of patients with mental illness
  2. The SIG will aim to optimise communication between members via three monthly meetings and emails.
  3. The SIG will aim to collaborate with other relevant national and international stakeholders, including the Irish College of General Practitioners, and the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.
  4. The SIG will aim to promote productive collegial relationships to ensure that patients with mental illness receive the highest quality of both psychiatric and physical care.
  5. The SIG will ensure that patients with mental illness and their treating Psychiatrists remain at the centre of strategies intended to promote physical health in mental illness.
  6. The SIG will aim to submit contributions for the CPsychI Spring and Winter meetings every year, and other relevant specific meetings in Ireland and worldwide.
  7. In the longer term, the SIG will aim to produce statement papers on various aspects of physical health in patients suffering from mental disorders to inform local, national, and international healthcare strategy.
  8. The SIG will aim to convene a specialist group to advocate for improved physical health outcomes and to create a clinical lead to represent the views of Psychiatrists in this area.
  9. The SIG will aim to develop research projects and proposals.

Meeting Dates 2023

  1. 10am on Tuesday, 17th January 2023