BST Interviews – Information for Candidates

General House Keeping

  • Candidates should complete the interview in a quiet, private location which is free from distraction.
  • It is your responsibility as the candidate to arrange your own electronic device and Wi-Fi access which are suitable to undertaking an interview (PC, iPad or Tablet, not a mobile phone).
  • Candidates should not use any recording equipment nor take any screen recordings (either audio or visual) during the course of the interview.
  • Candidates will be asked to show the identification page on their passport at the start of the interview.

I.T. Equipment / Requirements


  • The interview will be conducted online via Zoom Video Conferencing (  Candidates must be able to ‘Join a Meeting’ using the Zoom links provided.
  • Candidates must ensure that their Zoom account clearly displays their full name in order to identify themselves correctly on admittance to the interview.
  • It is recommended that candidates download Zoom onto the Desktop of their laptop/PC for ease of use ahead of the interview day.
  • It is highly recommended that candidates test the technology in advance to make sure it works and for familiarity of use.