Postgraduate Training Day: Ethical and Legal Aspects in Psychiatry – 13.10.2015

Date: 13th October, 2015

Venue: Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Galway

Training Level: BST

Workshop Facilitators

  • Dr. Sabina Fahy is a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist at University Hospital Galway and has particular interest in issues relating to capacity, and other legal concepts pertinent to an old age population.
  • Ms Frances Weir a Senior Occupational Therapist in a psychiatry of later life team and has attained training in relation to service users ability to drive.
  • Dr. Louise Campbell works in the department of General Practice at NUI Galway and has considerable expertise in relation to ethics. She has previously delivered lectures to both undergraduate ad postgraduate students on this and similar topics.
  • Mr. Denis Waters is regional advocate with the IAN and plays a very active role in supporting and advocating for service users in the West of Ireland. 
  • Dr. Brian Hallahan is a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at NUI Galway and Consultant Psychiatrist, University Hospital Galway. He has considerable educational and clinical experience.


1. To help increase trainees knowledge of the legal concepts such as capacity, enduring power of attorney and wardship.

2. To help increase trainees understanding of issues relating to individuals driving when cognitively impaired and tests available to examine this ability to drive.

3. To help trainees appreciate concepts related to coercion and capacity as it pertains to individuals with mental health difficulties.

4. To help increase trainees awareness of the role of advocates for service users.

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