PCS Handbook

PCS Handbook updates for psychiatrists

Professional Competence Handbook for Psychiatrists

January 2019

The College has updated its PCS Handbook. The handbook gives psychiatrists clear information on:

  • Overview of Structure of Professional Competence Scheme
  • Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice
  • Governance
  • Enrolment Process for Participants
  • Logging CPD activities
  • Confidentiality & Security
  • CPD Requirements
  • Internal / External / Personal / Research, Examining & Postgraduate Supervision CPD categories
  • Peer Review
  • Online CPD
  • Verification Process
  • Reports to the Medical Council
  • Clinical Audit
  • Approval of Events for External CPD Credits
  • Certification of CPD
  • Special Requirements of the Professional Competence Scheme
  • Part-Time Psychiatrists
  • Consultants who are not members of the College
  • Retired Psychiatrists
  • Private / Semi-Retired Psychiatrists
  • Further information and template forms

Please click on the link in the first line of text on this page to view or print the handbook.