College Guidance Guidance April 2020

28/04/2020: PCS advice

Email circulated on 28/04/2020.

COVID-19 and CPD – Guidance


As you know from our previous emails, there won’t be follow-up, verification or audit on the 2019/20 PCS year because the COVID crisis has impacted many doctors’ CPD activities. All doctors’ “Statements of Participation in a Professional Competence Scheme” will carry a footnote to this effect. This year’s Statements will be issued by email in mid-May. Each year, the Statement displays your logged totals for the PCS year just ended plus the previous four years’ data (where applicable).

If you have any further CPD credits and Clinical (Practice) Audit completed in the 2019/20 PCS year, we recommend that you log them into your Diary, whether they bring you above annual requirements or not. The PCS year ends on 30th April, but the Diary will remain open until 13th May for logging of any credits and Clinical (Practice) Audit accrued between 01/05/19 and 30/04/20.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We are working from home and you can email, or ring our direct lines 01 634 4375/78, which are diverted to our mobile phones.

We hope you stay well during these difficult times.


30TH APRIL IS 2019/20 PCS YEAR END. CPD DIARY YEAR WILL CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY 13TH MAY: Log your CPD credits and confirm Clinical (Practice) Audit by 13th May latest, in order to have them included in your 2019/20 Statement of Participation in a Professional Competence Scheme. Make sure you enter a date before 1st May, to have the data accrue in the 2019/20 PCS year.

ANNUAL PCS STATEMENTS: The College of Psychiatrists will issue Statements of Participation in a Professional Competence Scheme by email only, after 13th May. The statements will display whatever CPD credits and Clinical (Practice) Audit you have logged in your online CPD Diary. As stated above, we will not be following up or carrying out verification processes on the 2019/20 PCS year.

PCS 2020/21 ENROLMENT: Invoices for 2020/21 PCS enrolment will issue by email in mid-May. Prior notice of mandated Direct Debits has been emailed to the relevant enrolees.

ASSISTANCE: We understand there are many difficulties and pressures on psychiatrists at the moment. The PCS Department is working (from home) to help with any of your professional competence or CPD queries. Please do contact me, Louise or Laura if we can assist you in any way.

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