Eating Disorder Resources

The HSE has a National Clinical programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED) in collaboration with the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland and BodyWhys, the national support group for people with eating disorders.

For information on the HSE’s Eating Disorder Self Help app and a link to download, click here.

For more information on the clinical programme, click here.


      1. Bodywhys
        PO Box 105, Blackrock, Co.Dublin
        Helpline: 01 2107906
        BodyWhys launched a free Pilar Programme in 2019. Parents, carers, grandparents, siblings, partners / spouses and friends supporting someone affected by an eating disorder are welcome to attend this free four week (1 evening per week) structured programme, incorporating both psycho-education and support, as well as practical advice and skills to help you support your family member towards recovery. For upcoming dates please click here.
        To read the Pilar Programme Evaluation please click here.
        BodyWhys also provides free Maudsley training for those supporting someone affected by an eating disorder through skills based workshops. For upcoming training dates please visit the BodyWhys website here.
      1. Eating Disorders Association
        103 Prince of Wales Road
        Norwich NR1 1DW UK
        Website: This is the leading UK website for people with eating disorders and their families. Postal address: Beat, 103 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1DW, United Kingdom.
      2. YoungMinds
        102-108 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5SA
        Patient’s Information Service: (UK) 0800 018 2138
      3. National Institute for Clinical Excellence
        Midcity Place,
        71 High Holborn
        WC1V 6NA


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